What will I do, If I go Back to 18 – Nehara Pieris

Nehara said,

If I could able to go Age 18 again, I never changed anything of my life. Really I am not a one who keeps regrets. I am happy about every decision I made. Because all of my past activities are the reason behind where am I today. My favorite actor is Menaka Rajapakshe. If he excluded I cant name someone specific. As I like all the actors who are friendly and polite in their personality. When it comes to my favourite actress the same thing arise. Anyway my favourite is Ms Iranagani Serasinghe. In young generation also there are so many beautiful actress. They all are really beautiful, humble and so very polite. I loved to work with them.

Then Vies.lk asked the age of Nehara Pieris. She smiled and answered,

I born in 1988. For this December I am 31 year old.

Nehara Pieris is well-known, attractive artist in Sri Lanka. Once Nehara and Menaka was the famous Television couple. She earns lots of love from the audience. Still she look like very young actress. Watch the below video to see the full conversation.

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