Lochi – If you love the wrong person love will make you sad!

Lochana Jayakodi is one of the famous female YouTubers in Sri Lanka right now. Her channel has now reached 314000 subscribers worldwide.  So this time we thought to had chat with Lochi and get to know some interesting facts about her. Having a chat with Lochi was really interesting and did not feel like time goes.

1. Who inspired you to be a YouTuber?

At first, a lot of people recognized me from Tiktok. Besides, there is another reason which inspired me to become a YouTuber. That’s Lele Pons’s youtube channel. I really like Lele Pons. In fact, I thought I should do comedy as a female YouTuber in Sri Lanka. That’s how I came to this field.

2. Who are your favorite male and female singers in Sri Lanka? What is your favorite song theirs? 

Actually I really like old singers mostly. When it comes to nowadays, I can’t name someone specifically because I don’t have such. By the way, Eminem is my favorite singer worldwide.

3. Who are your favorite actors and actresses in Sri Lanka? Why do you like them?

The same applies here. But Thumindu Dodanthenna, who is called Jehan in Koobiyo teledrama, is one of my favorites. And from the actress, I like Yureni Noshika because according to me they are really talented.

4. What was your most memorable experience in the industry?

Actually people got to know about me by the videos I did with Kalum. I and Kalum normally go together as friends. At that time I didn’t aware that people know about me. But Kalum told me once, while he was going here and there some who talk to him and ask for selfies. But I haven’t that experience at that time. So once I was in the commercial shoot, during the shooting time three girls came to me and ask how are you and bla bla. I also talked well as I thought I know them for a long time even I couldn’t able to identify them at that moment. After a while, I went to the washroom and again try to remind that three girls, but I couldn’t. Then after I came out of the washroom and, suddenly they came again to me and ask for a selfie. Actually, at that time I got the whole story and I got to know that they came to talk with me because they have seen my videos and liked them a lot. But then I was ashamed of myself and I never forget that experience.

5. What do you do if you become president one day?

I have no idea about politics actually. So if I get a chance to be a president, I will definitely reject that offer.

6. What do you think about love? Who do you love the most in life?

In our lifetime, the first one we love is our mother. So in my life also I loved my mother a lot. but she is not with us now. It has been about 8 years since she passed away. But when we say love, we get more and more love when we grow up. We can stay happy if we love the right person at our right age. That is, some say that love is sad, that love is wrong. But I do not agree with that. Those things are not in love. I think it depends on the person you love. If you love the right person, love can make you happy. If you love the wrong person, love will make you sad and worst. Love can only be understood in terms of the person you choose.

So at last as the views.lk team, we wish lochi would be someone the world knows from Sri Lanka. And also we are waiting to see many more interesting creations from you in the future.

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