Jagath Chamila, This is Not a Thing I do With My Willingness

Jagath Chamila is one of the greatest, talented actors in Teledrama, Film and Stage Drama industry of Sri Lanka He has proved his colors in all three areas very well.

He said,

Some time industry do low quality works and say, people loved it. that is what they need. No its not the real story. Still our audience can remember the great things we have done. The great stage dramas, films, tele-drama remain in their memory. I know that they love them even the time passed a lot. Actually at this moment i do acting because of my family. Because we are the one who survive from this industry. My audience know that who is Jagath Chamila very well.

To see his personal view on the industry at this moment click on the video below. Jagath Chamila is one of the greatest personality industry earned so far.

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