I will shrink my tummy if someone gives me money – Gihan Fernando

Gihan said,

I always like to do different types of characters. And I believe, if an actor can be a real particular character rather than being another actor it is really wonderful. The director of No parking, Thilina Boralessa, and I work together so many times. And also I knew scriptwriter Sayakkara also for a long time. I talked with the director and scriptwriter about this character and I did my best for it. Of course, the comments from my fans are really awesome. Even I went to the petrol Shed, that man who is there also asked about the drama. Maintain a comedy-drama by adding quality is not an easy task. Most people think comedies have no quality. But no parking changed that mindset. Actually, the actors and actresses who act in the drama are well professional and well-paid artists in the industry.

At the end views.lk asked did tummy helped you lot to get this type of charactors and gihan’s answer was,

Yeah, now my tummy has been blessed for me. But no problem if someone gives me money and asked to be skinny and come for the character, of course, I will do. But prepayment is mandatory and I need three months.

Gihan Fernando is a talented professional actor in the industry. He is a well-famous stage drama actor too. Views.lk met this talented personality and have a good conversation with him. Watch the below video to see the full conversation.

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