How to use Janitor AI for free

Janitor AI is a free chatbot that utilizes natural language processing for character creation and interaction. It offers users a unique platform for creative writing, role-playing, and exploring various personalities and scenarios. With an NSFW feature for more -mature- content, Janitor AI has already been used by thousands of users worldwide, making it a promising tool for those seeking an engaging and personalized experience.

Features of Janitor AI

  1. Character creation: Janitor AI users can create their own characters, including their appearance, personality, and backstory.
  2. Conversation: Janitor AI can hold conversations with users, following their lead and responding to their questions and prompts.
  3. NLP: Janitor AI uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand user input and generate responses that are relevant and engaging.
  4. NSFW feature: Janitor AI has an NSFW feature that allows users to access more matur- or explicit content.

How to use Janitor AI

  1. Start by visiting the Janitor AI website and sign up to create your own login credentials.
  2. Once you’ve successfully login, you’ll be presented with a variety of characters to choose from for your conversation. Pick the character that you find most suitable.
  3. Locate the -Chat- option associated with the character you’ve selected. However, please keep in mind that you won’t be able to initiate a chat right away, as it requires an APIKey.
  4. To obtain an APIKey, click on the -API not ready! Click to set up- button located at the top of the screen. This action will open a dialog box with further instructions.
  5. Within the dialog box, you’ll be prompted to choose the APIkey that you prefer to use for your chatbot.
  6. You have the option to configure either OpenAI or Kobold AI for your Janitor AI experience. Select the one that best suits your needs.

Remember to follow the instructions provided on the Janitor AI web for a smooth setup and usage of the platform.

How to use Janitor AI for free

How to use Janitor AI for free
How to use Janitor AI for free

Frequently asked questions for Janitor AI

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