Hemal Ranasinghe is the Best After Vijaya – Ashan Dias

Ashan Dias is the well-famous and talented actor, presenter an former news reader.

Ashan Said,

Ms. Chandani Senevirathne is my all-time favorite actress. I am not able to say my favorite actress from the young generation that is no because there are no good ones. Actually there are. But I am not aware of them well. When it comes to my favorite actor I can list them as one, two, and three. The top one will be Mahendra Perera, next Bimal Jayakody and Kalana Gunasekara. Actually that is the level which I try to become. Apart from that Hemal is the star that comes after Sir Wijaya. I have reasons for that. There’s no one beat to Hemal because he has a good look, talent, and voice altogether. And I should say that Sachithra also has good potential within him. I got to know well about him from the Heli tele drama.

Ashan Dias and views.lk had great direct conversation together. Check the below video to see the full conversation

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