Dinesh Gamage “Shanudri is My Favorite”! WhatsApp Chat with Dinesh

Dinesh Gamage is a well famous professional singer in the Sri Lankan music industry. Thamarasa, Danena thuru maa are some of the major turning points of his music life. This time Views.lk Team decided to have a chat with Dinesh and get to know more about him. The chat with him was really interesting and we wish he could achieve his dreams in the future.  

1. Who inspired you to be a singer? 

Dinesh Gamage – When I was in my A-Level classes, for a week we had to come and perform something on the stage. Likewise, I also got a chance to perform on the stage and I started playing the guitar to impress the girl who was in my A-level Classes. That was my first experience of singing in front of the crowd. Rather than that, when it comes to professional music, the story is different. I am from Nuwara Eliya. There I and My friends perform a band together. But most of them have no idea how to continue with music as a profession. One day I saw a TV interview with Lahiru Perera, one of my favorite musicians at that time. There he told about his newly opened Audio Engineering institute. By that fact, I joined it in 2012. Fortunately, I got an internship to work with Lahiru Perera after that. And that is how I entered the professional music industry.

2. Who are your favorite male and female singers in Sri Lanka? What is your favorite song theirs? 

Dinesh Gamage – I have more than one choice in Sri Lanka. Senanga Dissanayake, Piyath Rajapakse and Amaradewa Master are few of them. My favorite song is obe Susum Pawan by Dayan Witharana. Actually the reason for that is what I told you before. That was the song I sang in my A-level class with the guitar. 

As a female musician, I like Shashika Nisansala a lot. Recently, I like Kanchana Anuradhi, because she is very talented.

3. Who are your favorite actors and actresses in Sri Lanka? Why do you like them?

Dinesh Gamage – In Sri Lanka, I like Bimal Jayakodi and Dasun Pathirana very much. They bring the characters to life beautifully. 

From the actresses, Dulika Marapana is the one I like the most. Recently, I like Shanudri because she has a really humble personality.

4. What was your most memorable experience in the industry?

Dinesh Gamage – One day at a concert, while I am singing, I went into the crowd and turned the mic to the audience. At that time, one of the drunk men came and took my mic. Then I was without the mick for a while. It was an unforgettable experience for me. 

Another is that, once I sang the Danena Thuru Maa song in Naadagama Concert, the whole audience said the song after me. The biggest dream of a singer is to get such a response from the audience. So that dream which I had, then came true for me.

5. What do you do if you become president one day?

Dinesh Gamage – I don’t have such a big idea about politics. If I become President, I will find and appoint the most suitable person to be the President.

6. What do you think about love? Who do you love the most in life?

Dinesh Gamage – I really love myself the most. My mother and brother are living abroad. I missed them a lot. I love them so much. Other than that In the case of our field, I think it is better if I could find someone who understands me and supports me while enjoying both lives and love freely.

So At the end of the day, views.lk team wish Dinesh would be one of the greatest singer for the sri lankan music industry and may he could achieve his all dreams in future. We are waiting to hear your new creations!

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