Dinakshi Priyasad, My Favourite Actor is a Secret

Dinakshi Priyasad Said,

My favorite actress at this moment is Iresha. Actually I told the same thing to her as well. Her acting is super realistic and it deserves and award according to my opinion. And my favorite actor is a secret at this moment. You can know who is that by watching Rush Movie. The last movie I watched before Rush is Wijayaba Kollaya. It also a good one. But it’s impossible to compare it with Rush. because two movies have two tracks. So far the best movie I have seen is Dakala Purudu Kenek By Malith Hagoda. Actually I like the theme of that movie so much. Anyway, I can’t compare them. Because each movie has a different type of pleasure. they all are good in their own way.

The well-famous actress in Sri Lankan teledrama and film industry Dinakshi Priyasad met views.lk at the opening day of Rush Movie. She is a stunning eldest one of the Priyasad family. There are so many rumors about Dinakshi Priasad’s wedding and all of them said it will happen in the near future. Watch the full video to see the whole conversation.

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