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Dinakshi Priyasad, My Favourite Actor is a Secret

Dinakshi Priyasad Said, My favorite actress at this moment is Iresha. Actually I told the same thing to her as well. Her acting is super...

Sandani Fernando – Piyath Rajapaksha is not my favourite

Sandani Fernando says "If Piyath is excluded, my favourite male musician is Sanuka Wikramasinghe" I believe musician must have 30% of good look and 70% of...
Emasha Hans

Emasha Hans – That habit comes from my childhood

Emasha Says, Twilight is the last book I read. That was yesterday night. I read it around twelve times. Reading books is a habit, that...

Saranga Disasekara – Uddhika is better than Hemal

Saranga says, At this moment if Uddhika is excluded my favorite actor is Hemal Ranasinghe. But it depends on their performance. Anyway, my favorite...

Hemal Ranasinghe is the Best After Vijaya – Ashan Dias

Ashan Dias is the well-famous and talented actor, presenter an former news reader. Ashan Said, Ms. Chandani Senevirathne is my all-time favorite actress. I am...

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