Abhishek Malhan, Jiya Shankar And The Falaq Naazz Factor


Bigg Boss OTT 2 : Abhishek Malhan, Jiya Shankar And The Falaq Naazz Factor

Jiya Shankar in the teaser. (Courtesy: Voot)

New Delhi:

The dynamics inside the Bigg Boss OTT 2 are changing with each passing day. Be it Jad Hadid’s on-screen kiss or Pooja Bhatt‘s no-nonsense approach, the show is keeping fans glued to their screens. Now, in the promo released by the makers on Instagram, Jiya Shankar and Abhishek Malhan are talking about Falaq Naazz in the lounge area. The clip opens with Jiya telling Abhishek about the changes she has been noticing in Falaq Naazz’s behaviour. “Mujhe reminder de rahi thi, captain Ji kachra rakhne bol dena…Yeah bhi karnay bol dena….Tabhi maine kaha ‘bol diya.’ [Falaq, out of nowhere, was giving reminders to me and finally, I said yes, it’s done.]”

Meanwhile, Avinash Sachdev has confessed his feelings for Falaq Naazz. In a video shared by a fan page on Twitter, the actor is seen talking to Falaq. He says, “I wanted to tell you how I feel in person. I think you should know that I like you. I wanted to tell you first before anyone gets to know about how I feel.”

The makers of Bigg Boss OTT 2 have also shared a montage featuring Falaq Naazz and Avinash Sachdev on Instagram and wrote, “Are you manifesting this prem kahaani too?

This comes days after Avinash Sachdev’s ex-girlfriend Palak Purswani revealed that the actor had cheated on her twice. Palak, who was also part of the show, told Siddharth Kannan, “Whenever, I remember about the episode my blood starts boiling. Just thinking about that also. After a brief argument, When I snatched his phone and checked the call logs I couldn’t believe it. I won’t take the name of that woman because I have no right to blame her…I never liked the woman [an actress] and Avinash was aware.”


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